Meet  some of  our patients…

Who Earned their Wings!

Our Flying High patient discharge program recognizes patients who have successfully completed their inpatient rehabilitation at ClearSky Rehabilitation Hospital of Flower Mound. We celebrate these patients for achieving their therapy goals as they return to independence.

Rosemary, Bedford, TX
“I have experienced illness and setback unlike I have ever experienced. The diagnosis and medical treatment at a local hospital was a lifesaver. The redirecting to ClearSky Flower Mound got me back to my better self. I am so pleased. Each of the staff on all levels were very knowledgeable, genuine, efficient, as well as kind.”

Bill, Denton, TX
“They challenge you for your good. They work to strengthen you now and for the future.”

Charlotte, Flower Mound, TX
“Everyone has been so good to me here. They had more faith in me than I did. Keep on keepin’ on!”

Raymond, Corinth, TX
“I have a chance now. Take a bow. You’re great!”

Janice, Paradise, TX
“Everyone was very friendly and helpful. All was good.”

Luis, El Paso, TX
“Kudos to all the staff that participated in my recovery! Thank you.”

David, DuPont, WA
“I was traveling in an RV from DuPont, Wash., with my wife, son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren. I fell, broke my hip, and I was operated on two days later. I also have Parkinson’s disease and have been a diabetic for 10 years. I was sent to ClearSky Flower Mound and appreciate the care given. The staff has been wonderful and caring. We think Texas (state) is great. The people are very friendly. To all the staff, thank you for your care!”

Mary, Plano, TX
“The therapists met me when I was in so much pain, but they were patient and nurturing. I looked forward to seeing them every day. They helped me feel more confident in my accomplishments, and they kept challenging me to do more. I look forward to continuing what I’ve learned on my own.”

Kathryn, Lewisville, TX
“I received good treatment from everyone, and I’m now walking. I’m also back to sewing and cooking.”

Shirley, Gainesville, TX
“I am 79 years of age and suffer pain in both knees. This may be a “first.” I enjoyed my stay and rehabilitation experience at ClearSky Flower Mound. I had a rehabilitation class an average of 3 times a day, one hour a day, and looked forward to going every time! The nurses, clerical staff, and rehabilitation staff were always pleasant and willing to help me in every way they could. My room was always neat and clean. They were always checking on me, inquiring about me and my day. ClearSky Flower Mound makes every day a day of bright recovery. Come check them out. You won’t be sorry!”

Tim, Denton, TX
“The entire staff was extremely friendly. Occupational and physical therapy was outstanding! I was able to stand for the first time in six months. The nurses and physical therapy assistants were always patient and efficient.”

Betty, Highland Village, TX
“Although I didn’t initially want rehabilitation, it was instrumental in my being able to do daily tasks at a higher level.”