Flying High

Patient Discharge Program

Meet some patients who have earned their wings through our Flying High Discharge Program. Our program recognizes patients who have successfully completed their inpatient rehabilitation at ClearSky Rehabilitation Hospital of Leesville. We celebrate these individuals for achieving their therapy goals as they return to independence.

Karon, Leesville, LA
“My experience has been really good. The physical, occupational, and speech therapy has been great and helped me tremendously. I can take home what I’ve learned and use it there. Kudos to the whole staff. Rehabilitation works if you take it seriously. You’ve got to work to get better, but it can still be fun!”

Wilma, Rosepine, LA
“This place is great! Everyone in therapy is definitely great!”

Paula, Leesville, LA
“When I came in, my leg felt like a piece of wood. Now it feels like my leg again. I had physical therapy, and even though it was painful at times, I was encouraged to not give up and to keep trying. Occupational therapy was very helpful to build my upper body strength and got me ready to return to my home duties – always with a smile and encouragement. The nursing staff and aides were caring and wonderful. I’m grateful for my stay here and highly recommend it.”

Linda, Anacoco, LA
“The physical and occupational therapy staffs are great; they encourage you to do your best. I will continue to keep moving when I get home. I plan to sit on my front porch with my little Yorkie, Harley, and do my exercises. My advice to others is to not give up, keep moving. Thank you for a fantastic staff and team!”

Michael, Sugartown, LA
“This is more of a recovery and rehabilitation center with a helpful staff. Everybody had smiles on their faces and seemed to really enjoy working here. They treated everybody equally.”