Stroke Patient Returns Home

Enjoying a fulfilling life in his community, 75-year-old Robert Mayes experienced a life-changing stroke, rendering him incapable of performing daily tasks such as holding objects, standing up, walking, and attending to his personal needs. As a result, he faced the prospect of being unable to resume his previous lifestyle at home.

Referred by healthcare professionals, Robert came to ClearSky Rehabilitation Hospital of Mansfield for specialized rehabilitative care. Upon admission, he was experiencing weakness to the left side of his body and dysphagia, or difficulty swallowing. Nutritional concerns also were an issue.

His rehabilitation journey at ClearSky Mansfield was transformative, enabling him to regain independence and function despite the challenges of his stroke. Robert worked with the hospital’s physician-led interdisciplinary healthcare team, which tailored a care plan to his specific needs.

Robert received daily physical, occupational, and speech therapies that focused on balance, arm movement, gait training, swallowing, and daily activities of living. After four weeks, Robert was discharged from the hospital, having reached significant recovery milestones that included improvement in arm movement, walking, and self-care.

“What the staff has done to help me has been wonderful,” Robert says. “Once everyone started working with me, I could move so much better. I’m so appreciative of how much you all have helped me. I recommend ClearSky Mansfield to anybody.”

The interdisciplinary approach and expertise of ClearSky Mansfield healthcare professionals, combined with determination from Robert, underscore the importance of personalized rehabilitation to maximize recovery. Robert has successfully returned to the community with enhanced mobility and confidence.

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