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  • ClearSky Rehabilitation Hospital of Mansfield

    Authentic, Transformative Rehabilitative Care

    Opening Fall 2022

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ClearSky Rehabilitation Hospital

Authentic, Transformative Rehabilitative Care

ClearSky Rehabilitation Hospital Lakeshore will provide specialized rehabilitative care to individuals living with disabling injuries or illnesses such as strokes, brain injuries, hip fractures, spinal injuries, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, or other medically-complex conditions such as COVID-19.



Patients set individual goals with a physician-led interdisciplinary team, including physical, speech, and occupational therapists; rehabilitation nurses; case managers; respiratory therapists; dietitians; and other specially trained healthcare professionals.



Hospital will feature all private rooms, rehabilitative gym with specialized equipment, dining room with dedicated chef and food service staff, and activity of daily living space to allow patients to receive therapy treatments in rooms that emulate home conditions.



Specialized services, like our comprehensive stroke rehabilitation program, provide the highest, individualized standards of care to each patient. Following hospital care, we continue to work with patients to remain partners in their healthcare to allow the best opportunities for recovery.

Patients & Families

Healthcare Professionals

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Not all Rehabilitation Is the same

Services provided in other settings can’t match the higher level of care found at rehabilitation hospitals. Medical rehabilitation hospitals are required to be licensed and accredited, use an interdisciplinary team approach to care, have a physician with specialized rehabilitation training supervise medical services, provide rehabilitative nursing 24/7, and offer patient therapy for a minimum of 15 hours a week.

Better Outcomes

A national study shows that patients who receive care at medical rehabilitation hospitals return home sooner, remain home longer, have fewer hospital readmissions and ER visits, and live longer versus those treated at nursing homes or skilled nursing facilities.

— Dobson, DaVanzo & Associates, LLC

Our Patients Say it Best

Our goal is to help patients regain independence so they can return to their homes and daily activities as quickly as possible.

Providing this level of healthcare will enhance quality of life for all residents of the region.

The hospital will strengthen healthcare services currently available in the region, while creating additional job opportunities.

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