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September 21, 2020

Local Rehabilitation Hospitals Unveil New Names and Logos

Today, officials from two local rehabilitation hospitals unveiled new facility names and logos: ClearSky Rehabilitation Hospital of Leesville and ClearSky Rehabilitation Hospital of Rosepine.

The hospitals were previously called Leesville Rehabilitation Hospital and TriParish Rehabilitation Hospital.

The new names reflect the hospitals’ association with ClearSky Health, a national rehabilitative healthcare provider. The design of the hospitals’ new logos was inspired by a butterfly, which symbolizes transformation.

“Our rebranding better describes who we are and what we do,” says Angela Williams, CEO of ClearSky Rehabilitation Hospital of Rosepine. “The new logo reflects the care we provide at our facilities, as we help patients transform from dependence to independence in their lives.”

The hospitals provide rehabilitative services to patients living with disabling injuries or illnesses such as strokes, brain injuries, hip fractures, spinal injuries, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, or other debilitating events.

“Our hospitals joined ClearSky Health a little over a year ago,” says Jack Causey, CEO of ClearSky Rehabilitation Hospital of Leesville. “This helped us to strengthen our ability to positively impact our communities, as we gained additional resources, expertise, and support to help us continue to improve the specialized rehabilitative services we offer.”

“The relationship has been a natural fit,” he continues. “ClearSky Health firmly believes – as we do – in keeping our patients first. We seriously embrace and practice this philosophy on a daily basis within both our facilities.”

Williams agrees. “Being part of an organization like ClearSky Health that’s extremely experienced in patient-centered rehabilitative care provides a win-win situation for everyone – especially our patients, families, and communities.”

Combined, the hospitals treat nearly 800 patients every year in the Leesville area. Services are physician-led, and include physical, occupational, and speech therapy; rehabilitative nursing; case management; respiratory therapy; wound care management; prosthetic and orthotic care; dietary services; and other specialized care.

ClearSky Rehabilitation Hospital of Leesville is a 16-bed facility located at 900 S. 6th Street. ClearSky Rehabilitation Hospital of Rosepine consists of 20 beds and is located at 8088 Hawks Road.

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Local Rehabilitation Hospitals Unveil New Names and Logos - ClearSky Health