Other Illnesses & Injuries

Rehabilitation for Disabling Injuries and Illnesses

If you’ve experienced a disabling injury or illness, we can help optimize your continued recovery at ClearSky Rehabilitation Hospital of Harker Heights.

National studies have shown that patients treated at an inpatient rehabilitation hospital, like ours, return home quicker, remain home longer, have fewer hospital readmissions and ER visits, and live longer.

We recognize that your healing journey will be different from others. That’s why our physician-led, interdisciplinary healthcare team customizes a treatment plan with you and your family based upon your individual goals, motivations, and abilities.

We question, challenge, and strive to get better results for you during the course of your recovery.

We treat a variety of injuries and illnesses, which include but aren’t limited to:

If you don’t see your diagnosis on this list, please contact us.

Our goal is to help you recover to your fullest abilities so you can return home quickly with as much independence as possible.