Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Recuperating from an Orthopedic Injury

If you’ve experienced an orthopedic injury caused by trauma or illness, early rehabilitation is important to prevent further disability or complications. This includes hip fractures, back injuries, joint replacements, and other bone fractures.

At ClearSky Rehabilitation Hospital of Harker Heights, our physician-led, interdisciplinary healthcare team customizes a treatment plan with you and your family based upon your individual goals, motivations, and abilities. We question, challenge, and strive to get better results for you during the course of your recovery, helping you to:

  • Improve walking and mobility
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Lower your risk for future falls
  • Manage pain
  • Use assistive devices properly, if needed
  • Improve safety awareness

Upon discharge, we help arrange further resources as needed, such as follow-up physician appointments, outpatient therapy, or home health. We supply you and your family with educational information on continued exercises, behavior modifications, home modifications, and assistive devices, if necessary.

Our goal is to help you recover to your fullest abilities and return home quickly with as much independence as possible.