Benefits of Occupational Therapy

Individuals with long-term conditions or those who are recovering from serious injuries may face difficulties when trying to return to daily activities. If you are in such a situation, participating in occupational therapy may be beneficial.

An occupational therapist works with you to create a personalized plan that suits your unique needs and situation and helps you improve your strength, flexibility, posture, and aerobic conditioning. In addition, an occupational therapist will develop a plan to help you achieve your specific goals so you can safely return to daily activities like eating, bathing, or dressing.

Occupational therapists help patients by:

  • Modifying tasks
  • Teaching new ways of performing tasks
  • Adapting environments to make tasks easier and safer
  • Educating patients, family members, and caregivers

At ClearSky Rehabilitation Hospital of Harker Heights, our occupational therapists teach many of these skills in an Activities of Daily Living Suite, which emulates home conditions to allow individuals to practice activities in the hospital under the supervision of a healthcare professional before returning home.

Plans are different for everyone, but the underlying objective is the same: to help you return to daily activities quickly and safely.

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