Pricing Transparency

At ClearSky Rehabilitation Hospital of Weatherford, we’re committed to openly sharing information with our patients and their families regarding what we charge insurance companies for the cost of our specialized rehabilitative services.

Our standard charges are based upon the expected length of hospital stay for an individual’s medical condition. Our pricing information includes diagnosis, room and board, our pricing agreements with insurance companies, and expected out-of-pocket expenses for patients. Actual length of stay, charges, and out-of-pocket expenses may vary by individual.

It’s important to note that insurance regulations are complicated. Changes in insurance policies could affect your out-of-pocket totals.

If you are considering being a patient at ClearSky Rehabilitation Hospital of Weatherford, please call 682-803-0100 with billing questions.

To best understand our shoppable services, please note:

  • We bill insurance companies the total charges incurred during a stay.
  • Some insurance companies pay a flat amount regardless of how long a patient stays. Other insurance companies pay a set amount per day.
  • Room and board charges are standard. Other charges depend on specific patient needs, such as medications, medical supplies, and therapy required.
  • We have included insurance companies that have contracts with us. Insurances we are not contracted with will pay out-of-network rates. Co-pays and deductibles may be higher.
  • Physician services are not listed. Physicians bill separately.
  • Contact your insurance company regarding co-payments and deductibles.

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Standard Charges

We offer this machine-readable file as a convenience for individuals and organizations who wish to combine and analyze data.

Your Rights & Protections: Surprise Medical Bills

This disclosure notice outlines patient rights and protections against surprise medical bills and balance billing when you’re treated by an out-of-network provider at an in-network hospital. Please read the attached disclosure for more detailed information.