Stroke Rehabilitation – What Can I Expect?

A stroke can cause numerous uncertainties. When you decide to participate in stroke rehabilitation at our hospital, we want you to feel confident about what to expect.

During a stay at our hospital, you can expect:

  • Evaluation by a rehabilitation physician, as well as a speech, occupational, and/or physical therapist after being admitted to the hospital
  • To set recovery goals with your health care team and family
  • A customized treatment plan based upon your goals
  • Updates and coordination of your care by a case manager
  • At least 15 hours a week of physical, occupational, and/or speech therapy as appropriate
  • Daily care by nurses who are available 24/7
  • Dysphagia management for swallowing issues, if needed
  • Respiratory therapy, if needed
  • Stroke education and caregiver training for family members
  • Home evaluations to prepare you for a safe return back home

Learn more about our stroke rehabilitative services here.

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