Critical Care Recovery

Long-Term Recovery from a Critical Illness

If you or a family member are hospitalized for an extended length of time with a critical illness, we can help optimize your recovery and reduce long-term, negative effects such as sepsis, septic shock, myopathy, neuropathy, and/or acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).

At ClearSky Rehabilitation Hospital of Rio Rancho, our physician-led, interdisciplinary healthcare team customizes a treatment plan with you and your family based upon your individual goals, motivations, and abilities. We question, challenge, and strive to get better results for you during the course of your recovery, helping you to improve:

  • Severely reduced muscle strength, physical function, and fatigue
  • Difficulty swallowing and communicating
  • Cognitive impairments, which can be similar to those caused by a traumatic brain injury

Upon discharge, we remain a partner in your healthcare. We understand that your best opportunity for recovery is within a few months following your medical event. We want to help you find ways to capitalize on that time.

We help arrange further resources as needed, such as follow-up physician appointments, outpatient therapy, or home health. We supply you and your family with educational information on continued exercises, behavior modifications, home modifications, and assistive devices, if necessary.

Our goal is to help you recover to your fullest abilities so you can return home quickly with as much independence as possible.

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