Better Outcomes for Stroke Patients

Stroke patients who are treated at inpatient rehabilitation hospitals have better outcomes compared to those who receive rehabilitative care in skilled nursing facilities.

A two-year, national study commissioned by the ARA Research Institute shows that patients treated at inpatient rehabilitation hospitals return home sooner, remain home longer, have fewer hospital readmissions and ER visits, and live longer.

On average, stroke patients treated in inpatient rehabilitation facilities compared to those treated in skilled nursing facilities:

  • Returned home 17 days earlier from the initial rehabilitation hospital stay
  • Remained home more than 3 months longer
  • Lived more than 3 months longer

In addition, stroke patients treated in an inpatient rehabilitation hospital or unit experienced:

  • 14 percent lower mortality rate
  • 4 percent fewer emergency room visits per year
  • 10 percent fewer hospital readmissions per year

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