Hip Fractures and Rehabilitation

A national study shows that patients treated at inpatient rehabilitation hospitals for hip fractures achieve better results, including: 

  • Returned home earlier
  • Remained home longer
  • Had fewer hospital readmissions
  • Experienced less ER visits

At our hospital, our interdisciplinary healthcare team works with patients and their families to create comprehensive, individualized treatment plans to maximize function, recovery, and independence, while preventing further disability and complications.

We provide specialized rehabilitative care to help patients:

  • Improve walking and mobility
  • Enhance balance and coordination
  • Lower risk of future falls
  • Manage pain
  • Use assistive devices properly, if needed
  • Improve safety awareness

After discharge, we help arrange further resources as needed, such as follow-up physician appointments, outpatient therapy, or home health. We provide educational information on continued exercises, behavior modifications, home modifications, and assistive devices, if necessary.

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