4 Tips for Helping You or a Family Member Quit the Use of Tobacco Products

One of the best things you can do for your heart is to stop smoking, vaping, or using tobacco products. The American Heart Association offers 4 tips for helping you or a family member quit.

  1. Set a “Quit Day” – Choose a date within the next 7 days when you’ll stop using tobacco products. Share that date with people who will support you in your efforts. Use the time leading up to your Quit Day to prepare and gradually cut down on your cigarette, vape, or tobacco use.
  2. Choose Your Method for Quitting – Decide what method or combination of methods will work best for you. Do you want to go cold turkey and stop completely on your Quit Day? Do you want to gradually decrease your use? For example, you can cut down the number of cigarettes you smoke daily. Or do you want to reduce the amount of tobacco or vape you are using? This may mean smoking only part of a cigarette or taking less puffs of your vape each day.
  3. Talk with Your Doctor – Talk with your physician or healthcare provider to see if you may need medicine to help you with your efforts.
  4. Make a Plan – Keep healthy snacks available like fruit, nuts, or gum to eat when you get an urge to use tobacco. Make a list of activities that can help you resist an urge, such as walking, going to the movies, working out, drinking tea, or working in the yard. Remove ashtrays, vape, cigarettes, and lighters from your home and car.

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