Treatment & Recovery from Stroke

Time is of the essence for treatment and recovery from a stroke. If you recognize that someone is having a stroke, call 911 immediately so that care can start promptly.

Once at the hospital, medical professionals will be able to determine if the individual has had an ischemic stroke or hemorrhagic stroke. An ischemic stroke is when blood supply to the brain is blocked. A hemorrhagic stroke is when a blood vessel has burst.

An ischemic stroke may be treated with a type of thrombolytic or “clot-busting” medicine if the person arrives at the hospital within three hours of having the stroke. This medicine is used to break up blood clots. According to studies, patients who receive thrombolytic medicine have a greater chance of a full recovery and less disabilities than patients who don’t receive the drug.

To stop the bleeding from a hemorrhagic stroke and to save brain tissue, medicine, surgery, or other procedures may be needed.

When a stroke patient is ready to start rehabilitation, the road to recovery is different for everyone.

The American Stroke Association recommends that stroke survivors who qualify should receive rehabilitative treatment in a medical rehabilitation hospital in preference to a skilled nursing facility.

At ClearSky Rio Rancho, the depth and knowledge of our stroke rehabilitation program allow us to provide stroke patients with the highest standards of care so they can reach their highest levels of function and return home.

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