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November 07, 2022

ClearSky Rehabilitation Hospital of Rosepine Recognized for Clinical Excellence

For the second time in three years, ClearSky Health has awarded ClearSky Rehabilitation Hospital of Rosepine with the organization’s annual Clinical Ranking Award in recognition of outstanding clinical performance. The hospital is part of ClearSky Health, a premier rehabilitative healthcare provider that owns and operates medical rehabilitation hospitals in Texas, Louisiana, and New Mexico, with plans to open new facilities in Arizona, Kansas, Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida, and additional locations in Texas.

ClearSky Health gives the award annually to the hospital that achieves outstanding clinical outcomes based upon the Performance Evaluation Model (PEM). PEM scores are national clinical indicators used by the Uniform Data System for Medical Rehabilitation, an organization that administers the largest medical rehabilitation database in the world. PEM scores are ranked on quality patient care that is effective, efficient, timely, and patient-centered.

“ClearSky Rosepine has won this award twice in three years, which reflects their consistency in providing patients with high-quality rehabilitative care,” says Nate Miller, Senior VP of ClearSky Health. “The staff at ClearSky Rosepine clearly demonstrates that they hold themselves accountable to a higher standard of treatment, allowing their patients to return to their homes with as much ability and independence as possible.”

Nikki Joshlin, Director of Nursing Operations for ClearSky Rosepine, says the team focuses daily on PEM indicators to help patients regain as much independence as possible. “We keep patient goals in the forefront of our treatments,” she says, “which includes self-care, mobility, and function. It’s rewarding to be recognized for the daily care we provide and a blessing to work with such an amazing team.”

ClearSky Rehabilitation Hospital of Rosepine is a 20-bed hospital that provides specialized rehabilitative services to nearly 400 patients a year. Patients include those who live with disabling injuries or illnesses, such as strokes, brain injuries, hip fractures, spinal injuries, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, or other medically-complex conditions such as COVID-19.

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