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May 14, 2024

Happy Patient, Happy Staff

Nina Wimberley of Breckenridge, Texas, was admitted to ClearSky Rehabilitation Hospital of Weatherford after experiencing a hip fracture due to a fall from a ladder. She underwent a hip replacement and had to follow hip precautions after her procedure. Prior to the injury, Nina was completely independent and active in her community, working part-time at a local church and taking care of her 15-year-old dog.

When Nina came to ClearSky Rehabilitation Hospital of Weatherford, she needed assistance to stand and to transfer to and from the bed and to a chair. She could move about 100 feet with moderate assistance, but was unable to climb a single stair step. She required maximum to moderate assistance with most basic self-care tasks.

Nina actively participated in intensive occupational therapy and physical therapy services for seven days, which included gait training, balance training, and proper use of adaptive equipment. She was educated in energy conservation techniques, joint protection strategies, and a home exercise program. At the end of her rehabilitation stay, Nina was independent with all self-care and mobility tasks, including climbing 12 stair steps and safely transferring in and out of a vehicle. Nina was able to safely return home and continue her rehabilitation journey with home health services.

ClearSky Weatherford was honored to be part of her healing journey.

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