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January 11, 2021

Rehabilitative Care – Know the Difference

Rehabilitative Care – Know the Difference

Skilled nursing, nursing homes, assisted living centers, acute rehabilitation hospitals.

If you’re looking for a rehabilitation facility, these options may all see the same – but they’re not.

While all the aforementioned facilities have rehabilitation professionals on staff, only one – the rehabilitation hospital – specializes only in rehabilitation.

A rehabilitation hospital is required to offer a multidisciplinary team approach that includes 24-hour rehabilitative nursing care, physician management of patients, and at least 3 hours daily or 15 hours a week of rehabilitative therapies. This is not required of other rehabilitative programs.

A national study shows that patients treated at inpatient rehabilitation hospitals achieve better results in shorter amounts of time. On average, patients:

  • Return home sooner
  • Remain home longer
  • Have fewer hospital readmissions and ER visits
  • Live longer

So, when you’re considering a rehabilitative program for you or a loved one, be sure you explore and understand your options.

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